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We're a small but very experienced team that's been building customer engagement software for the last decade.

Chatify is the result of everything that we've learned, from working with some of the best customer care teams, on how live chat software should work for the teams that use it.

Our headquarters is in Cork, Ireland but most of us work remotely. Chatify is our product but its also key to how our team manages to work remotely. It's why Chatify is so effective for distributed teams.

We are grafters, designers, developers, marketeers, runners, engineers, mountain bikers, gardeners, skiiers, parents, photograhers, colleagues, friends and hard workers. We live in big cites and tiny towns, in Europe and Asia. This diversity helps shape the software that we build.

We are big believers in keeping it simple. That's why Chatify is: Live Chat Software, Simplified.

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Recent Clients

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5 Star Hotel
Project Management SaaS
High-end Cameras
Office Equipment
Financial Services
Education in Ireland
Study Abroad Rep. Body
Netgear Inc.
Networking Equipment
Footwear Retailer
Maynooth University
Leeds University
Tony Kealys
Mother & Baby Retailer
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