Chatify v's Facebook Chat Plugin

Chatify - the independent, easy to use, alternative to the Facebook Chat Plugin.

TLDR: Forcing your customers to contact you via Facebook - on your website - is a really bad idea!

Chatify v Facebook Chat
  • Brian Hackett Brian Hackett

    "Using Chatify has definitely contributed to keeping our applicant numbers high. Younger people don't want to make a phone call if they have a question and they also don't want to wait for an email. Chatify allows us to answer all kinds of questions quickly and easily."

  • Mark Horan Mark Horan, The Run Hub

    "Chatify has been a fantastic addition to our website as it allows us to bring a more personal approach to our web offering. From Google analytics we have also observed a very positive impact on sales conversions when engaging with customers via Chatify."

  • Mark Duckenfield Mark Duckenfield, Steamline Luggage

    "Steamline Luggage is a boutique provider of elegant, handcrafted luggage. The product is very high end. Chatify has been a fantastic tool for us in providing the personal service that's key to the retail experience we provide. We chose Chatify because it's designed for distributed teams like ours and their customer support is excellent."

Why choose Chatify over The Facebook Chat Plugin?


Customer Preference

While most of your customers will have Facebook accounts, only a subset of them will want to use their personal Facebook details, to start a chat with you.

It's a really bad idea to put this barrier between you and potential customers on your website.

With Chatify, you are offering an independent customer chat tool that allows the customer choose how they would like to be notified.


Facebook Trust

With the Senate Intelligence Hearings in the US and the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the UK, Facebook has rightly been in the spotlight for how it uses personal data collected on the platform.

The customer interactions that happen through live chat are critical to your business. Is it really a good idea to outsource your data to a company who's business model is entirely dependent on leveraging data to serve targeted advertising?

As the saying goes, "When you are not paying for the product, you are the product."

Chatify Target


We designed Chatify to make it easy for teams to work together on customer queries. You can assign queries to colleagues or groups, or even discuss individual queries internally, without having to leave the app. It really does simplify customer support.

Remember it's free to add as many team members as you want. Team Messaging is one of our most productive features.


Chatify's Facebook Integration

While we don't advocate that you use the Facebook Chat Plugin on your website, we are by no means anti-Facebook.

We offer a Facebook integration which means that you can respond to all of your customer enquiries from the Chatify Dashboard regardless of whether the message was sent through your website or Facebook.


Chatify Customer Support

If you need live, technical support for your Facebook Chat Plugin, you're on your own.

Its very different in Chatify. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, technical or otherwise. Live Support is available on all our plans, including our free plan.

You're in Great Company..

Success Stories

Live Chat #1 Channel

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is an 8,000 student college offering programmes in Business, Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Education & Humanities. WIT completes an annual survey on the communcation methods used by the college to engage with students. The survey showed that live chat was the #1 preferred contact method among the prospective students.

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10x Growth in Conversions

With 4 stores, Tony Kealys is the largest independent pram and nursery retailer in Ireland. This family run company has developed a very strong reputation for excellence in customer service. Group MD, Paul Kealy said "Since switching to Chatify from our previous live chat software, our online conversations with customers have rocketed resulting in 10x growth in conversions."

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20% of Questions Answered by the Bot

UCC Campus Accommodation (CAUL) is a specialised property management company focused on student rentals. The company implemented Chatify to improve the efficiency of its customer services. Chatify has been a huge success. CAUL reported that they saw: 40% reduction in calls, 50% decrease in email volumes with 20% of questions being automatically answered by the bot.

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