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For those who want to try Chatify for an unlimited period of time.

No limits on team size, all the core features and 100 conversations per month included.





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  • Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Auto-Messages
  • GDPR Compliant
  • SMS Notifications
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited FAQ's
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Priority Support
  • Team Messaging
  • Bot Auto-Answers
  • Agent Assist
  • 100+ Conversations

Need more Conversations?

Choose one of our paid plans.


49 / month, billed annually

€60 / month, billed monthly.

  • 250 conversations
  • SMS notifications
  • Unlimited agents
  • Unlimited auto-messages
  • Unlimited FAQ's
  • Standard support


89 / month, billed annually

€100 / month, billed monthly.

  • 500 conversations
  • SMS notifications
  • Unlimited agents
  • Unlimited auto-messages
  • Unlimited FAQ's
  • Priority support


169 / month, billed annually

€200 / month, billed monthly.

  • 1000 conversations
  • SMS notifications
  • Unlimited agents
  • Unlimited auto-messages
  • Unlimited FAQ's
  • Premium support

For EU customers not entering a valid Tax registration number, the above prices are subject to VAT.

Custom Pricing

Require higher conversation volumes? Or looking for us to support a custom integration? Chat with us re. creating a custom package for your business.

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom UI
  • Custom Flows
  • Custom Hosting
  • Custom Support

Price Promise

Here's our price promise to you. If you find a plan, with a comparable feature set, that offers better value than the equivalent Chatify plan, we will honour that price while upgrading you to the next level Chatify plan. That's how confident we are in our pricing. Look for:

  • No Per Agent Pricing
  • SMS Notifications
  • Team Chat
  • No Feature Gating
  • Unlimited Auto-Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to offer awesome customer support. If you need us to clarify anything or need help getting started, just sent us a message.

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What are Conversations?

Conversations are between your team and your customers. Conversations can start with an inbound question or a message that you push to your customers. Internal messages (Group chat / direct messages) do not count towards your conversations total.

Does one live chat equal one conversation?

It depends. Think of a conversation as all the chat that happens in a live chat. You could have multiple live chat sessions in a single conversation. A conversation could last for minutes or extend over a number of days. When the conversation is closed, it counts as 1 conversation towards your total.

Is the Free account just a crappy version of Chatify?

No. We don't believe in 'feature gating'. The key differentiator between Free and Business level accounts is the number of conversations that you can have each month. The key features that you need are all available in Free. Business level accounts are for those with higher conversation volumes.

Is there a price "per agent"?

No. Most of our competitors price per agent. To price per agent would go against something that we firmly believe in Chatify: the more people in your Chatify team, the easier it is to access the expertise that you need. With Chatify, there are NO limits of the size of your customer support team.

Is there a limit team size?

No. Your team can be as large as you need and there's never an additional charge for adding more team members.

What happens if I exceed the limits on my plan?

When you reach 80% of your monthly allowance, you will get a system message to let you know. Your allowance is reset on the 1st of each month. Hitting the account limits should be your goal each month. It means that you are doing a lot more business!

  • Mark Horan, The Run Hub

    "Chatify has been a fantastic addition to our website as it allows us to bring a more personal approach to our web offering. From Google analytics we have also observed a very positive impact on sales conversions when engaging with customers via Chatify."

  • Eoghan Carroll, McSport

    "McSport is a specialist sports equipment retailer. Our experience, knowledge and customer focus is key to how we support our customers and help them choose the products that will work best for them. We replaced Zendesk with Chatify and its been a huge win for us. We have a large team on Chatify giving us instant access to the knowledge within the company. Chatify is key to the personal service that we provide."

  • Brian Hackett, WIT

    "Using Chatify has definitely contributed to keeping our applicant numbers high. Younger people don’t want to make a phone call if they have a question and they also don’t want to wait for an email. Chatify allows us to answer all kinds of questions quickly and easily."

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