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Most customers who need support don't want to call you,
they want to chat with you.

Why Chatify?

You're in great company..

9 Reasons Why..


Live Chat is #1

Chatify makes offering amazing live chat support possible, by seamlessly integrating with your website. It's an easy and cost effective way to support your customers right when they need it.


Q&A's Add Depth

Ever find yourself scrolling to the customer Questions & Answers section on an Amazon product page that you're trying to talk yourself out of buying?

Well you're not alone. Adding a dynamic Q&A section to your product pages is a fantastic way to continually enhance the information on the page.

Chatify Target

Free means FREE

Our competitors use 'Feature Gating' to force upgrades to higher plans. Their "free plans" are really just 'feature free'. We really don't believe in feature gating. That's why all our plans enjoy the same access to our core features which includes our FREE plan.


The fairest way to charge

Our larger competitors come with 'per-agent' or even worse 'per contact' fees. This means that the bigger your team or customer list, the more you pay.

For our paid account types, pricing is based on conversations so that you can have your entire team on Chatfiy, without incurring additional costs.


It's all about Teamwork

We designed Chatify to make it easy for teams to work together on customer queries. You can assign queries to colleagues or groups, or even discuss individual queries internally, without having to leave the app. It really does simplify customer support.

Remember it's free to add as many team members as you want. Team Messaging is one of our most productive features.


Easy to Use, wherever you are

Welcome to mobile first customer support. Chatify inlcudes a number of features (ex. Agent Assist, Persistence, etc.) that means, you really can support your customers from your smartphone.

With dedicated Desktop and Mobile apps, Chatify is really simple to use in the office or on the move.


Right Message, Right Team Member

Serving the correct message at the correct time, will increase conversions. Likewise, setting well designed rules to automatically assign chats based on keywords or urls, will significantly increase support efficiency.


Chat Live & Reply Later

Some chats are synchronous (live), others are asynchronous (reply later). This blend works best for you and your customers.


Around the clock support

The benefits of artificial intelligence are real. With Chatify, AI is used to automatically answer repetitive questions but also to help your team, by suggesting possible answers, as they chat with customers.

Success Stories

Customer Engagement Online Leads to More Conversions

Inish Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and healthcare group based in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland. "Our online conversion rate for customers that ask questions is 17.3%. Compared to an industry average of 4.6%, we really see the competitive advantage of our engagement."
Paul O’Hea, Director, Inish Pharmacy

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Using Chatify to Handle In-store Enquiries

Petworld is Ireland’s leading pet specialty retailer. Now with ten locations around the country, Petworld is Ireland’s leading pet specialty retailer.
"Petworld is a great example of how Chatify can be used within an organisation, not only to help the customer but to also help the team that serves the customer."
Shane O'Leary, Co-Founder

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Realtime Expert Advice for Horkans Customers

Horkans is a family business with a rich history in the retail of Gardening and Pets in Ireland. "Chatify has allowed our customers ask specific questions about plants and gardening products in real time and connects them to our qualified team. This enables us to leverage the depth of expertise on our team and serve the customer better".
Paraic Horkan, Managing Director, Horkans

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